Yes 4 Communities

IAHV had the opportunity to teach a Yes 4 Communities Program in partnership with The Salesians Institute in Green Point, Cape Town (10 – 13 April). Youth (ages 20 to 35) were participating in the institutes “Waves for Change” 5 week program which prepares for employment opportunities on the sea.

The practical knowledge which forms part of the Yes 4 Communities program coupled with the focused breathing techniques complimented the practical skills training very successfully.

Some participants experience sharing:

“Personally it was mind-blowing and a very good course. I have learnt how to relax my body and my mind by doing long and short breathing techniques. I also learnt how to be responsible for my actions and how to manage my stress.” – Jodean Sas

“I don’t like it, I love it! It’s refreshing, cool and makes me happy. For a long time I was a very unhappy person, but this course has helped me a lot inside and out. I learnt how to handle my stress and to be grateful for everything in my life.” – Jacobus Adams

“I enjoyed all the sessions and they were all good. Actually I feel like something has been taken off my shoulders. I am free and relieved.” – Luvo

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Say YES to programme for schools to help pupils manage their emotions

Earlier this year, Cape Town was identified as the 13th most violent city in the world in the latest Mexican Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice report. Amid the mountainous and oceanic scenery, communities in the mother city, such as Bonteheuwel and Khayelitsha, are plagued by violence, gangsterism and drug abuse. This year, a programme was started to assist youth in these poor and troubled communities to develop life skills such as remaining calm in conflict situations; to enhance human values such as respect; and to assist the young people to improve their focus and concentration in the classroom.

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Yes!Youth – You are the open door and the helping hand in your community.

“People want to improve their communities but they haven’t found the door, the hand, the heart….so let us do something.” Dreadlocked Jean America, a radiant kid with a toothy grin spoke some eloquent words that night. He’d just completed his nine day foundation training ( YLTP – Youth Leadership Training Programme) with IAHV’s Yes! Youth Programme. Jean grew up in Ocean View, a hard neighbourhood situated on the fynbos slopes of the South Peninsula, where violence and drug abuse are a part of life.

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