Prison Program for parolees in Cape Town

An amazing reintegration project!

#CampJoy #IAHV #PrisonProgram #Rehabilitation

#CampJoy #IAHV #PrisonProgram #Rehabilitation

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Breath Water Sound session for Parolees, Probationers and Community members

Once again a life-changing Breath Water Sound session was held with 70 participants – The group consisted of Parolees, Probationers and Community members which took place in Evaton – South of Johannesburg (The Vaal )

The following organizers were also present:

  • Mr. Solomon Korae & Ms. Portia Samella from the Dept of Correctional
  • Services & Sgt Beverly from the Evaton SAPS.

The feedback from the participants was positive. They were  grateful to be part of this program and amazed at how calm and relaxed they felt.

To change their lives and community for the better, they have formed teams and are planning some fantastic sustainable businesses moving forward.

One group of ladies said they have 2 high schools and 4 primary schools which they want to teach and educate, in sanitary hygiene.

Other teams are planning :

  • catering
  • washing carpets, running shoes  and  windows
  • car – wash stands
  • collect recycling items
  • Sewing – One of the participant is a fashion designer and happy to have others join her

Thank you to Chintz & Gavin for giving us an opportunity to share this wonderful and rewarding experience. (Dan,Bharat, Dr. Mohan and Shushila)

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Prison Program at Groenpunt Correctional Services

Another life changing Prison Program, was rolled out last week at Groenpunt Correctional Services under the experienced eye of Chintz, supported by Anil & Deana.

54 participants completed the program & based on the testimonials provided it was another great success.

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