Breath Water Sound at Mary Kihn School for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

We are for the first time in Cape Town teaching 45 deaf children at Mary Kihn School, a Special Needs School.

We have done some research after having meetings with the school and the WCED and shall modify some aspects as the deaf don’t close their eyes as their eyes become their ears and eyes.

We focussed on the yoga, breathing and sound aspect in terms of bringing African drums and using this vibration to calm them, and an added fun element for the children. The Principal has communicated and said that deaf children need more practical lessons such as yoga and sound vibration and of course the breathing. They are foundation phase as well as older children.

We had incredible feedback from the teachers with regards to the energy levels and concentration of the children. The Western Cape Education Department is monitoring the program and are very happy with the children’s response even after just 2 days.

Well done to to our team volunteers, Francois, Elizabeth and Nomvuyo.

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A day at the Vaal river with 50 “Liggies”

IAHV Vaal held a party for Lewenslig Centre  for Mentally Disabled Adults – a day at the Vaal river with 50 “Liggies” filled with music, sun, food and gifts!

Cynthia from Mimi Fourie Hof who knitted 50 teddy bears for the Liggies.

Livingston from Malawi offering his support for a Liggie.

Anita Hanekom from DCS Groenpunt joined in the festivities of the day.


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DCS and IAHV Tree Planting

DCS ( Department Of Correctional  Services ) & IAHV ( International Association For Human Values )

TREE PLANTING – Friday 9th November 2018

The events were as follows :

🌳Started at Afrikaans Secondary School – Sasolburg

🌳Etienne Rossouw Theatre – Sasolburg

🌳Zamdela Library – Sasolburg

🌳Refengkotso Library @ Groenpunt Correctional Services

🌳Ending in Vanderbyl

Parolees, Probationers with Community members all participated in the tree planting.

DCS and IAHV Tree Planting

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