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Since its inception in South Africa in 2001, over 10, 000 prisoners have experienced the benefits of Prison Program – Stress Management And Rehabilitation Training. Globally, the programme has been taught to 700, 000 inmates.

The Prison Program aims to reduce offender recidivism and end the repeated cycle of violence and abuse. Without tools to process past trauma and present stresses, incarcerated individuals often cope with their negative emotions such as anger, guilt, mistrust, and frustration with unhealthy behaviors and attitudes- including violence, addiction, apathy or lethargy.

The programme offers practical methods for participants to transform these negative emotions for true and lasting rehabilitation and to develop the core human values innate in all human beings, namely a sense of compassion and service to others. Essential life skills are taught which enable individuals to accept responsibility for past actions and to handle future conflict and stressful situations successfully.

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