Some ‘light in the dark’ from IAHV Peacebuilding Teams

Looking at the current state of the world today, it may look quite dark at times. It becomes all the more clear that *a more peaceful world requires us to work deeply with psychosocial factors,* such as overcoming transgenerational trauma, shifting from self-centredness towards contributing, and broadening our human identity beyond national or religious identities. IAHV Peacebuilding is committed to this long-time endeavour.

In the midst of the current crises, IAHV and the Art of Living Foundation continue to apply their global expertise in supporting mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of highly stressed populations. IAHV’s self-empowering methods, scalable approach, evidence-base and cost-effectiveness are a unique added value in contexts of mass displacement and disaster.

We hope this newsletter provides you with some hope and light and maybe with the inspiration to contribute. As our new Ukrainian trainers testified, being able to do something not only helps others, but can also keep ourselves out of depression and despair.

_”The darkness has held us very tight but has not extinguished the light that illuminates our heart.” (Survivor Morocco earthquake)_

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Our annual Christmas Day Lunch with the homeless Landsdowne community

A very big THANK YOU to all our generous donors and volunteers who made the Christmas Day Lunch for the homeless Lansdowne community such a huge success and heartwarming experience!!
This was the 6th year doing this event and we are overwhelmed by the generosity, kindness, and enthusiasm that made this project possible. We had 22 volunteers assist at the event with transporting goods, setting up, serving food and gifting the community. Volunteers also cooked 180 meals which we served with cooldrink and treats. With the donations, we were able to purchase Yebo Fresh food packs containing non-perishable items as well as hygiene packs. 
We gifted the community photos from last year’s event which they were so excited about and had fun posing for more photos. Michael, the community leader, thanked us and was very appreciative of all our efforts. He celebrates his birthday on Christmas so it’s always an extra special day for him!
Thank you to everyone who contributed and touched the lives of this community. Our combined efforts brought joy and smiles to their faces and we couldn’t think of a better way to spend Christmas – see below link to the video on our Instagram page. 
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Christmas celebrations at Bottlebrush Little Angels

Christmas celebrations at the Bottlebrush Bottlebrush settlement in Chatsworth, Durban.  IAHV assisted with the hamper donations and was organised by Prissy Govender the project leader.  Huge smiles were spread across many faces on when the hampers were distributed to our LITTLE ANGELS. The Silverglen Rotary club also joined in.  Nicam Insurance provided pizzas and cool drinks to the kids..

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Lenasia Havan Old Age Home Food Hampers

The Lenasia Havan Old Age Home is based in Lenasia, South of Johannesburg. IAHV assisted with the food hamper donations and was organised by Rakhee Devchand the project leader.  On 10th December, Sunday 106 Senior Citizen were treated to a very special event.  The Seniors were served with a scrumptious meals, ice cream and entertained with music, and enjoyed dancing.  Our Seniors were happy with smiles on their faces. Our seniors were most happy and that was our goal. They appreciated everything IAHV did for them and blessed us all,

A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came to assist and selflessly contributed so flawlessly to a wonderful and very successful event.


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Smile Senior Citizen Evening

On Saturday 2 December, 100 Senior Citizen were treated to a very special event.  The Seniors were served with  scrumptious meals and entertained with music and a dancing show. Our Seniors were happy with smiles on their faces.

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