Prison Rehabilitation

Blankets Donated

This year The Groenpunt Correctional Services has made a record number of 101 blankets to be distributed by various organisations.   Thank you to Chintz Bhana for donating the wool.  This project was headed by the social worker Mrs. Annie Hanekom and many of the blankets were knitted by her, the inmates and other individuals.

IAHV was awarded 39 of these blankets.  Isabelle, Maria and Anil  assisted on behalf of IAHV handed out the blankets to the Logos Theo’s Church  in Vaalview, Vanderbijlpark.

The congregation were very thankful to our good deed.

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Prison Program at Brandvlei Maximum Security, 20-24 January 2020                 

Total number of participating inmates: 16
Teachers: Rafal and Jacqui

100% of the inmates reported very positive experiences from the course and have committed to continue the breathing practices. They recognise the value it has brought to their mental and physical wellbeing. They took to the techniques easily, were very disciplined in their practice and grasped the knowledge well.

The major changes reported during the feedback following the course were: feeling significantly more calm and relaxed; improved sleep (including an immediate full night of sleep which is challenging in the maximum security setting); improved flexibility; a change in mindset; being able to better handle anger, emotions, and stress; self-control and a reduction in aggressiveness, hatred, anxiety, depression and fear; purity of mind and positivity; more focus and being less judgmental of others; increased self-confidence and respect for the other inmates; inspiration to take action and more responsibility; and an overall sense of lightness and peace of mind.

One inmate commented that he felt the course would be instrumental to anyone facing stress and challenges in their lives, and that if he had completed the course prior to being arrested, he would have been able to make better and more informed decisions, which would have prevented him going to prison in the first place. Another inmate felt that his emotions were more stable following the course, that he could think clearer before making decisions with the ability to absorb pressure without breaking down.

100% of the inmates felt that they would recommend the course to other offenders and some had already inspired others to do the course simply by practicing the techniques in their cells and their own personal growth. It was also suggested that the course would not only benefit every inmate at the prison, but also the prison staff, and their own families. Some reported that ‘everyone wants to join the course now’.

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Awareness campaign: Hand in dangerous weapons and crime prevention.

Parolees from Sasolburg working with the SAPS in Zamdela – Awareness campaign: Hand in dangerous weapons and crime prevention.

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IAHV Tree Planting

International Association for Human Values (IAHV) has a very good relationship with Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture. IAHV in partnership with Department of Correctional Services has engaged with several communities in the Vaal Triangle for the last 3 years to not only have an impact on our oxygen levels with planting of trees in huge quantities, but also to engage with the communities in doing this.

Over the last 4 years, we have impacted hugely. In 2016 we have planted 40 trees in Parys in Tumahole – IAHV in partnership with Community Corrections where parolees and probationers assisted in digging  the holes and we planted several trees at various schools and clinics in Tumahole. In 2017 we have planted 100 trees in Sasolburg – one day was spent planting trees in town (the D.P de Villiers Stadium, swimming pool, ERt theatre, Afrikaans Secondary School, etc) and the next day in Zamdela at several schools, clinics  and nurseries – and simultaneously also teaching our children and future leaders the value of oxygen and the necessity to care for our trees and communities.

During 2018 we had an even greater impact on the community in that 750 trees were donated to the Vaal Triangle which were planted by parolees and probationers of both Vereeniging and Sasolburg Community Corrections amongst others at Tabita Centre for disabled people in Vereeniging, the Stadion (in collaboration with Proudly Three Rivers) , various schools in Evaton (in collaboration with the Youth Desk and Evaton SAP), as well as the library in Zamdela and Refengkotso.

This is now the fourth year that we are engaging in this project and 300 trees will be planted at the Vaalpets Dog Park an animal shelter in Vanderbijlpark.

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Mandela Day – Clean up with parolees & probationers

For Mandela Day, the IAHV extended its collaboration with the BWS parolees & probationers program, which saw the clean-up of a neglected site that will be turned into a park & community recreation area. The IAHV was provided with great assistance from Protea Plastics CC who supplied 2000 heavy duty black plastic bags & refreshments, SAPS Evaton who provided support, as well as BP garage who sponsored food for the team of 50 incredible volunteers.

The catalyst for the event was an ex inmate who supports his community after being inspired to take action after participating in our prison program a few years back at Department of Correctional Services – Groenpunt.

This is a start of many such initiatives that are being rolled out across the Vaal.


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Prison Programme at Brandvlei Department of Correctional Services in Worcester

The IAHV volunteer teams continue the great work of taking our Prison Programme (for stress relief and healthy minds) into more facilities. The latest beneficiaries were the inmates from the maximum facility at Brandvlei Correctional Services who were taught highly effective breathing techniques for calming the mind and reducing negative emotions.

Participants on the programme reported improved sleep and a new sense of calm. They welcomed the teaching and would look forward to our regular presence at the facility. The vast majority of participants expressed their gratitude for the programme. Every participant shared that they would recommend the programme to other offenders. The facilitators noted the difference in the participants in just a few days of practising the techniques.

A big thank you to the dedicated social workers (Mrs. van Heerden and Mrs Brink) at Brandvlei DCS who made all the necessary arrangements to bring a new programme into the facility. One that helps to develop a healthy mind and a positive attitude which helps to make better personal choices.

Our next programme commences in mid July. The IAHV is and our volunteers are extremely passionate about making a difference in the lives of others.

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Prison Program for parolees in Cape Town

An amazing reintegration project!

#CampJoy #IAHV #PrisonProgram #Rehabilitation

#CampJoy #IAHV #PrisonProgram #Rehabilitation

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Breath Water Sound session for Parolees, Probationers and Community members

Once again a life-changing Breath Water Sound session was held with 70 participants – The group consisted of Parolees, Probationers and Community members which took place in Evaton – South of Johannesburg (The Vaal )

The following organizers were also present:

  • Mr. Solomon Korae & Ms. Portia Samella from the Dept of Correctional
  • Services & Sgt Beverly from the Evaton SAPS.

The feedback from the participants was positive. They were  grateful to be part of this program and amazed at how calm and relaxed they felt.

To change their lives and community for the better, they have formed teams and are planning some fantastic sustainable businesses moving forward.

One group of ladies said they have 2 high schools and 4 primary schools which they want to teach and educate, in sanitary hygiene.

Other teams are planning :

  • catering
  • washing carpets, running shoes  and  windows
  • car – wash stands
  • collect recycling items
  • Sewing – One of the participant is a fashion designer and happy to have others join her

Thank you to Chintz & Gavin for giving us an opportunity to share this wonderful and rewarding experience. (Dan,Bharat, Dr. Mohan and Shushila)

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Prison Program at Groenpunt Correctional Services

Another life changing Prison Program, was rolled out last week at Groenpunt Correctional Services under the experienced eye of Chintz, supported by Anil & Deana.

54 participants completed the program & based on the testimonials provided it was another great success.

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