The Comfort with Dignity for Girls Project at the Bright Eyes Trust

The Comfort with Dignity for Girls Project at the Bright Eyes Trust in KZN for the visually Impaired.

Some blind girls were present and lots of representatives who will go to visit the individual blind girl to pass on the knowledge and demonstration of use of the reusable pads and underwear.

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HRE course in St. Francis

HRE course held at  SeaVista St. Francis in March with participants from a soccer club.

Participants enjoyed the program though they were quite shy to share their experience.

Feedback from some of the participants:

“It took away all the stress I had before coming here and it also helped me to stay


“After learning about sugar I have reduced my sugar to only 5 teaspoons in the past

days. The breathing, I have seen it helped me over the days.”


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Sri Sri Feeding Scheme

150  Breakfast packs were donated to the Durban University of Technology (DUT) students on 19 March 2024.

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Water Crisis – KZN

Many part of the North Coast in KZN namely Tongaat, Verulum, Phoenix & Chatsworth have been without water since the floods and get supplies intermittently. We aim to supply water mainly to the frail homes and Old Age Centres. With the assisting from a generous donor and Chintz , who made the above seva possible, we delivered 250x 5litres of water to the Verulam Day Care Centre.

Furthermore, on a very wet and rainy Human Rights Day, volunteers distributed another 400x 5l water bottles together with a hot meal a veg biryani and Immune boosters , to an impoverished community in Riet River in Verulam. These families do not have running water in their homes and have 1 tap to service +70 families

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Project Dignity

Project Dignity is a IAHV registered project. The objective of the Project Dignity project is to empower young girls through education and access to sanitary wear to reach their full potential. It has been estimated that one week of school is missed as a result of girls not having access to sanitary. With the funds raised from IAHV Stand for Humanity project and together with the team leader sanitary wear with other personal hygiene products for girls as well as toiletries for the boys was donated. Two schools in the Vaal Triangle, Tshepong Primary School and Emmanuel Primary School. The children from these schools come from underprivileged backgrounds and some of the children head households.

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Breath Water Sound for Seniors

Another Breath Water Sound program was held in Chatsworth KZN, with a group of 7 Seniors.

The group, heartily expressed their, calmness and peacefulness, felt on the first evening of the course. Some experienced meditation for the very first time.

Feedback from the participants:

Their enthusiasm was such that one of the seniors with a foot prosthesis and a recently amputated toe, walked to the course, in sweltering weather.

Another, senior rode on a taxi for the first time in almost 40 years living in the area.

While another, had to assist her ailing husband, before making her way to the course.

Some were grieving close family losses, and talked of how much peace they started to feel within.

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Pensioners Day at The Nelson Mandela Youth Centre

Another great event was held at the Nelson Mandela Youth Centre in collaboration with The Art of Living (sister organisation of IAHV), Revolution Motor Cycle and a group of attorneys.

On Saturday 16 December , over 300 pensioners were treated to a day of fun, dance, delicious food, games, singing and comedy.

Everyone left with a gift bag and a vanity bag packed with wonderful items including a watch.

Our volunteers did a sterling job in ensuring every request was taken care of.

. .

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Smile Senior Citizens in KZN

The Smile Senior Citizens (SSC) project run by Mr. Shirish Soni held an event in KZN for the Association for the Aged (TAFTA) on the 15 January 2024. 

The seniors were treated to a very special event. They were served with delicious meals, entertained with music and dancing.


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Honoring Our Elderly in Soweto

Honoring Our Elderly in Soweto is a IAHV registered project. This project is to assist the elderly part of the Alpha World Ministries Social Care Centre in Soweto with Christmas hampers and food as part of Christmas celebrations. Many of these elderly are themselves care givers to children who have lost their parents due to HIV or have been abandoned etc.

Christmas food hampers of 230 bags of maize meal, 22 bags of rice , 22 bags of sugar and other basic needs was donated.



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Some ‘light in the dark’ from IAHV Peacebuilding Teams

Looking at the current state of the world today, it may look quite dark at times. It becomes all the more clear that *a more peaceful world requires us to work deeply with psychosocial factors,* such as overcoming transgenerational trauma, shifting from self-centredness towards contributing, and broadening our human identity beyond national or religious identities. IAHV Peacebuilding is committed to this long-time endeavour.

In the midst of the current crises, IAHV and the Art of Living Foundation continue to apply their global expertise in supporting mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of highly stressed populations. IAHV’s self-empowering methods, scalable approach, evidence-base and cost-effectiveness are a unique added value in contexts of mass displacement and disaster.

We hope this newsletter provides you with some hope and light and maybe with the inspiration to contribute. As our new Ukrainian trainers testified, being able to do something not only helps others, but can also keep ourselves out of depression and despair.

_”The darkness has held us very tight but has not extinguished the light that illuminates our heart.” (Survivor Morocco earthquake)_


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