Comfort with Dignity for Girls – Mandela Day

As part of IAHV’s Dignity For Girls Campaign we distributed  Subz Packs to 120 girls in Grade 6 and Grade 7 at Duffs Road Primary School, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 18th  July 2018 – for Mandela Day.

The 2-hour programme was very interactive and included the following:

  1. Principal – Address and Purpose of Programme
  2. Prayer and Introduction – IAHV & the Art of Living Foundation
  3. Art  of  Living  Team  –  Breathing  Exercises/Simple  Yoga,  Pamphlet  with  Simple  Steps  to  alleviate stomach cramps during menstruation.
  4. Sue Barnes & Team – Demonstration, Talk, includes information in pamphlet
  5. Distribution of Packs and Pamphlets
  6. Refreshments
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Alpha Trauma Centre – Mandela Day 2018

Alpha Trauma Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Vereeniging, Gauteng. They provide free trauma counselling and support for women and children who have fallen victim to sexual assault, rape, abuse or domestic violence. Also provide assistance to older persons.

Thanks to Gavin and Melissa from The International Association for Human Values … who so kindly donated 20 food parcels to Alpha Trauma Centre. In the photo is Gavin (IAHV) on the left with Brahm van der Merwe Centre Manager / Chief Social Worker in the middle and on the right is Mr Dube. Many thanks to the kind donors who contributed towards the food parcels. You make a difference!

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Happy Women’s Day in Soweto

Today we made an 88 year old Gogo Miriam Mariti from Orlando West in Soweto very happy. She’s been bed bound for several months and had developed bedsores as a result. The wheelchair will allow her some mobility. Gogo Miriam also has a caregiver and now she is doing so much better. Her bedsores are getting better and was so grateful for the wheelchair.

The wheelchair initiative was started from the Johannesburg DSN program. Wheelchairs were acquired through donations and from the collection of plastic bottle-tops and tags. The initiative was well supported and for every 450kgs of bottle-tops we obtained one wheelchair.

Aneshree Naidoo, an Art of Living teacher who heads the Youth Village Project in Soweto, and though her networks the wheelchair was successfully handed over in the pictures below though a combined effort of the various Art of Living  chapters.

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Mandela Day at Groenpunt Department of Correctional Services

The IAHV in conjunction with Groenpunt Department of Correctional Services joined forces in honour of Mandela Day and the 67 blankets initiative. The inmates of Groenpunt prison, under the care of Anita Hanekom, knitted 67 amazing blankets with 20 of these handed over to IAHV Vaal for their Leeuhof Service Project.

See below “Thank You letter” for the amazing donation of 20 hand-knitted blankets… certainly a lot of incredible effort and love went into producing these and I have no doubt that each blanket will find a special place in the hearts and lives of those that will receive them on Thursday Mandela Day!!

The ability to persevere in the face of challenges and to still succeed is the quality of a true leader and an inspiration to all… thank you for continuing to be your amazing self!!!

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Mandela Day 2018

Mandela Day calls on us all, every day, to make the world a better place. Each year on 18 July we look back on what has been done, and forward to what will be done.

Making every day a Mandela Day celebrates Madiba’s life and legacy in a sustainable way that will bring about enduring change.

In celebration of Mandela Day, IAHV in partnership with United Technical Equipment Company (Pty) Ltd (Utec) together with volunteers assisted in packaging 1000 hampers which were distributed to the needy. Approximately 6000 people benefited from receiving the hampers.

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Helping the needy this cold winter as the mid-winter freeze deepens by donating blankets, scarves and beanies to various disadvantaged communities, street kids and shelters.

On the morning of 23rd June 2018 volunteers from Lenasia donated ± 130 blankets to the elderly in the community of Newclare, Johannesburg. We started with some lovely short yoga warm-ups and ended with a peace prayer in the warm, open sunshine.

Blankets were also donated to the homeless in the Lenasia CBD area. The homeless sleep in the open at night using cardboard and plastic to keep themselves warm. Speaking to a few of them, that work as car guards and car washers during the day and at times hire a blanket for R10.00 a night if they have collected enough money, including for food during the day.

Blankets donated in Lenasia South, Kingfisher Street together with the Sai Group to the needy families.


On 27th June blankets, beanies, scarves and goodie bags were donated to underprivileged kids in Leeuhof Community, Vaal Region, who really needed them.

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SOWETO celebrates International Day of Yoga 2018

A Yoga day was held at Elmon Malele Park, Kunene Street, Soweto (The largest African Town in Johannesburg)- SOUTH AFRICA in Celebration of International Day of Yoga!.

The event was hosted by The Art of Living Foundation in partnership with The Consulate General of India, Johannesburg, The High Commissioner of India and Alpha World Ministries.A well attended event where seniors and youth, people of all shapes and sizes, people from different backgrounds came together to enjoy the International Yoga Day.

The program began with candle lighting by the Dignitaries – High Commisioner of India, Consulate General of India, Johannesburg, Pastor Maurien of Alpha World Ministries, Ward Councillor

This was followed by joyful and reverberating singing by Pastor.The audience joined in with the singing, clapping and waving their hands in the air.

An estimated crowd of 2000 people from schools, churches, SAPS, and the general public participated in the International Yoga Day.

The Yoga was led on stage by yoga teachers from different Yoga Schools. We were privileged to have Sunil Jain from the Art of Living Organisation, India lead us through some of the Yoga postures and Consulate General yoga teacher , Maya Bhatt. There were many volunteers from the Art of Living Foundation and other Yoga schools too.
A very colorful sight followed with everyone donned in their Yoga T- shirts performing the Yoga postures.

Cheers of joy especially from the children could be heard as they moved from one pose to another in when the yoga teachers asked them ” how are you doing?.

The International Yoga Day at Soweto ended with a meditation and a peace prayer. Everyone left the event feeling content and happy.

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Every vote counts in the Vote4Charity polls

The Vote4Charity polls open on 18 May 2018 and we’re asking all MySchool supporters to vote for their favourite charity. No matter how big or small your charity is, every vote counts to help raise funds for your charity.

Vote at www.vote4charity.co.za


  1. Get as many votes as you can.
  2. Every vote = R5.
  3. PLUS we’ll add another R5 for every referral.
  4. Registered cardholders get 1 vote each.
  5. No card? New supporters can sign up instantly online or in app.
  6. No card setup fees will be charged for any new cards issued during this campaign.

The top 3 charities will have a professional promotional video made to support their fundraising initiatives. Keep an eye on our live leaderboard so you know how you’re doing.

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Yes 4 Communities

IAHV had the opportunity to teach a Yes 4 Communities Program in partnership with The Salesians Institute in Green Point, Cape Town (10 – 13 April). Youth (ages 20 to 35) were participating in the institutes “Waves for Change” 5 week program which prepares for employment opportunities on the sea.

The practical knowledge which forms part of the Yes 4 Communities program coupled with the focused breathing techniques complimented the practical skills training very successfully.

Some participants experience sharing:

“Personally it was mind-blowing and a very good course. I have learnt how to relax my body and my mind by doing long and short breathing techniques. I also learnt how to be responsible for my actions and how to manage my stress.” – Jodean Sas

“I don’t like it, I love it! It’s refreshing, cool and makes me happy. For a long time I was a very unhappy person, but this course has helped me a lot inside and out. I learnt how to handle my stress and to be grateful for everything in my life.” – Jacobus Adams

“I enjoyed all the sessions and they were all good. Actually I feel like something has been taken off my shoulders. I am free and relieved.” – Luvo

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Say YES to programme for schools to help pupils manage their emotions

Earlier this year, Cape Town was identified as the 13th most violent city in the world in the latest Mexican Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice report. Amid the mountainous and oceanic scenery, communities in the mother city, such as Bonteheuwel and Khayelitsha, are plagued by violence, gangsterism and drug abuse. This year, a programme was started to assist youth in these poor and troubled communities to develop life skills such as remaining calm in conflict situations; to enhance human values such as respect; and to assist the young people to improve their focus and concentration in the classroom.

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