KZN Flood Relief

In April 2022, days of heavy rain across KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) in South-Eastern South Africa led to deadly floods.  Dozens of homes collapsed and destroyed, washed away cars and roads, and triggered mudslides. Families have lost loved ones due to the disaster. At least 435 people died across the province, with an unknown number of people still missing. KZN has never been in a worst off situation before. The extent of damages has affected people from all works of life and some worse than others.

Concerns raised over the issue of many people faced a critical shortage of clean water and adequate sanitation following the devastating floods.  Many organisations are providing help to thousands and have been distributing food, clothes, and blankets.

IAHV South Africa, and our dedicated Teachers and Volunteers from KZN and Cape Town are working hand in hand. It was encouraging to see many of our volunteers started relief work immediately in some way or form.

Daniele Diliberto from Ladles of Love have sponsored 6 tons of food (2 tons samp, 2 tons rice, 2 tons maize meal) which has been transported from Cape Town to KwaZulu-Natal.  A hearty thank you to Kamal Mitoo, CEO of Time Link Cargo for assisting with the transportation of the 6 tons of food.

Added to this, IAHV has donated funds raised from the KZN Flood Relief to purchase additional food, blankets and other emergency supplies to add into hampers.  This will be done at the Nelson Mandela Youth Centre.  Many hands will be needed to pack and distribute these hampers throughout the affected areas.

Our IAHV team in Pietermaritzburg are also doing a collection towards the flood relief.

IAHV volunteers and volunteers from the Nelson Mandela Youth Centre being on the ground in various areas are:

  • Berlington Halt, Gillets and Motala Farm where people besides being affected by the floods live in abject poverty.
  • Assistance in Blackburn Village – 45 families displaced in Tongaat are back in their homes sorted out with basic needs.
  • +-200 people placed at Yellowood Park Civic Hall. The number of people coming to the shelter are now increasing. Baby food was purchased for babies housed at the Hall.
  • In The Tongaat Community, at the Vishwaroop Temple volunteer and Art of Living Teacher Vijaylakshmi Sewnarain dropped of basic sanitary items with food hampers. The meals will be prepared by volunteers for pensioners affected by floods.
  • Beach clean ups are taking place.
  • In Verulam at the Jhugroo Primary School in Ottowa, the heavy rains led to the collapse of a boundary wall and this led to flooding of classrooms.
  • Candles and 4x boxes (100), 50 boxes matches were donated at the rescue site.
  • Ladies volunteering and supplying coffee and snacks. Hot samosas together with chilli bites and sauce were prepared by volunteers for the rescue workers based at Virginia Airport as they came back from their exhausting shift.

The rescue teams from all over the country are amazing. Police, Metro, Air Force, Army, Fire Dept, Private organisations and civilian volunteers.

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