• Immunity Packs

    IAHV’s new project “Immunity Packs” initiated by Vijaylakshmi Sewnarain from KZN with regards to the Covid 19 pandemic. An immunity Pack consist of: Fizzy C (1000mg Vitamin C, Zinc and echinacea) & 50g flu masala( turmeric, ginger & cinnamon). The benefits by having the immunity strengthened and those positive will have immunity improved to help heal.
    R0.00 donated of R10,000.00 goal
  • Stand with Front Line Workers

    Overcome these challenging times with the unique online Healing, Resilience & Empowerment Courses (HRE). IAHV delivers an effective and scalable resilience building and stress relieving program, providing accessible stress-relief tools to large populations and small groups alike in complex emergencies.
    R0.00 donated
  • Stand For Humanity

    In this critical time of the Corona Pandemic, IAHV South Africa would like to stand with our most vulnerable and less fortunate communities. Many people are income compromised and are struggling to meet their daily essential needs.
    R229,761.00 donated of R500,000.00 goal