HUMAN VALUES – Cultivating Humanity – Transforming Lives
International Association for Human Values (IAHV)

Our mission is to transform lives worldwide, bringing change and growth to people whose lives are affected by conflict, disasters, trauma and stress. To assist when children are not being educated. To re-weave the fabric of a connected and healthy society on all levels. In situations of stress and trauma, positive human values can be overtaken by anger, fear and regret, which in turn leads to aggression, intolerance, depression, hopelessness and further stress. This cycle can be changed.

The methods we utilize are highly effective, proven and practical. Our processes release trauma and bring a sense of deep relaxation, renewed energy and vitality. This results in people becoming empowered to achieve lasting peace and wellbeing within themselves. Which ripples outwardly to include those around them and continues on to cultivate the innate human values of compassion, friendliness, kindness, understanding and service to others.

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IAHV invites all like-minded, responsible, concerned corporate organizations and citizens to partner with us in the transformation of society’s most dispossessed. To restore them in leading dignified and meaningful lives as they are given the opportunity of reintegration into society. We suggest adopting a prison in partnership with IAHV, within which the PRISON PROGRAM programmes can be activated.

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Our methods are effective, proven and practical: people are empowered to achieve peace and well being and cultivate the innate human values of kindness, friendliness, understanding and service to others.

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