Utec Xmas Project

While Christmas is usually a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate for various reasons, the underprivileged often do not have much reason to smile given their circumstances.

Think about those people living life on the streets, no income, no place to call home and no family to share this magical time with. Christmas is a time for giving and here’s a great chance to give to those who need it most. A Christmas hamper to bring such joy to their lives.  Each year our volunteers around the country undertake to make a difference through providing food hampers, toiletries, meals, and gifts.

On behalf of  The International Association for Human Values, (IAHV) in association with our sponsor United Technical Equipment Co Pty Ltd, over 1,000 hampers were distributed to the needy. Close to 5,000 people in need received food over the festive season through this worthy project.  Some of the beneficiaries of these hampers include orphans and vulnerable children, the elderly and communities that destitute and in need.

100 boxes were given to Ikageng who distributed the boxes to the most needy of the almost 2000 beneficiaries under their care.  Ikageng is an organization that takes care of the holistic needs of OVC or orphans and vulnerable children. This includes providing clothing, food, socio support, health support and education, etc.

The director, the social workers and the caregivers have indicated that the Xmas hampers have helped them in situations where the government food donations have not come through for beneficiaries. Last year a young girl wrote a letter saying that the food hampers saved her and her siblings after their house burned down and the people they were staying with did not have enough to feed the family.

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