Yes! For Schools

KK Grade 9 learner, Pretoria

YES! has helped me be more confident and build my self-image and self-concept more than it used to be.  I have learnt a better way to deal with stress and not let anyone push my buttons.  The focus technique has helped me in my studying.  After each class I feel relaxed, it helps calm my mind. The power breathing helps me get more energy, the only thing is it takes a lot of power.  I really appreciate your help and support in this class.  Thank you.

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Principal, Adeline Meje Primary School

Mr Thabatha, Principal, Adeline Meje Primary School

“There has been a lot of noticeable improvement in academic performance. The June results are impressive and when comparing the learners who attended Yes! For Schools and those who did not, there is a huge difference. The learners who attended the classes concentrate more that those who did not attend. Those who attended are always calmer and cooperative most of the time. The school is really impressed to see the change and we hope that the lessons will continue to be taught to other grades so that our school becomes a better place.”

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