Helping the needy this cold winter as the mid-winter freeze deepens by donating blankets, scarves and beanies to various disadvantaged communities, street kids and shelters.

On the morning of 23rd June 2018 volunteers from Lenasia donated ± 130 blankets to the elderly in the community of Newclare, Johannesburg. We started with some lovely short yoga warm-ups and ended with a peace prayer in the warm, open sunshine.

Blankets were also donated to the homeless in the Lenasia CBD area. The homeless sleep in the open at night using cardboard and plastic to keep themselves warm. Speaking to a few of them, that work as car guards and car washers during the day and at times hire a blanket for R10.00 a night if they have collected enough money, including for food during the day.

Blankets donated in Lenasia South, Kingfisher Street together with the Sai Group to the needy families.


On 27th June blankets, beanies, scarves and goodie bags were donated to underprivileged kids in Leeuhof Community, Vaal Region, who really needed them.