As a recycling initiative and prize and to encourage the Breath Water Sound follow-up group in KwaDabeka to recycle, our IAHV volunteers gifted the young boys in the group shin-guards for soccer.

They each collected a bag full of glass bottles and together, they even filled up the recycling bin!

The kids respond so well to incentives, it’s amazing! Everything is going well and growing well. We even managed to secure a soccer coach.  The kids are so enthusiastic! So after BWS follow ups,  the soccer coach Mr. Bongi meets the kids at the Wyebank grounds and we play soccer / rugby with them for an hour.

This also keeps the youngsters  off the streets and away from drugs.  They are motivated and sports is always a great alternative. We have also encouraged the boys yoga and meditation.

For more details contact: Ms. Thavakumari Tel +27 73 892 7029