Mandela Day – Clean up with parolees & probationers

For Mandela Day, the IAHV extended its collaboration with the BWS parolees & probationers program, which saw the clean-up of a neglected site that will be turned into a park & community recreation area. The IAHV was provided with great assistance from Protea Plastics CC who supplied 2000 heavy duty black plastic bags & refreshments, SAPS Evaton who provided support, as well as BP garage who sponsored food for the team of 50 incredible volunteers.

The catalyst for the event was an ex inmate who supports his community after being inspired to take action after participating in our prison program a few years back at Department of Correctional Services – Groenpunt.

This is a start of many such initiatives that are being rolled out across the Vaal.


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Recycling initiative – KwaDabeka BWS

As a recycling initiative and prize and to encourage the Breath Water Sound follow-up group in KwaDabeka to recycle, our IAHV volunteers gifted the young boys in the group shin-guards for soccer.

They each collected a bag full of glass bottles and together, they even filled up the recycling bin!

The kids respond so well to incentives, it’s amazing! Everything is going well and growing well. We even managed to secure a soccer coach.  The kids are so enthusiastic! So after BWS follow ups,  the soccer coach Mr. Bongi meets the kids at the Wyebank grounds and we play soccer / rugby with them for an hour.

This also keeps the youngsters  off the streets and away from drugs.  They are motivated and sports is always a great alternative. We have also encouraged the boys yoga and meditation.

For more details contact: Ms. Thavakumari Tel +27 73 892 7029

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Tree planting at the Three Rivers Christian Academy

On 30th November, tree planting took place at the Three Rivers Christian Academy in Vereeniging organised by Annie Hannekom from the Groenpunt Correctional Services.  The trees were donated by IAHV.

Tree Planting

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