Dignity for Girls – in Gauteng and KZN

It is said that time flies when you are having fun. We at Project Dignity can tell you it flies faster when you are having fun and doing what you are passionate about. Especially for those who need it the most! The first quarter of the year has come and gone! It was only at the beginning of Feb when the team sat and set out our personal and work goals for the term, it feels like we lifted our eyes and BAM, the term was gone! It is with delight and excitement that we share what we have been up to for the first 3 months of #20shineteen and what we look forward to this year! With this, we are hoping to help you experience the love, joy, hardships and fulfilment that comes with being part of the Project Dignity team and with that hoping to inspire you to have hope for the future of our girls and continue supporting them! Enjoy!

Our Activities!

This term we have managed to reach a total of 849 girls in 8 schools, a special appreciation to our partners for making this possible:

  • Fiona Waller
  • 31 Club
  • Dube Tradeport
  • IAHV
  • Rotary E Club

All this work would not be possible without the shared vision and generosity of these amazing institutions and individuals. Project Dignity works to empower young women to reach their full potential. With this we aim to reduce absenteeism and dropout rates in schools and increase opportunities for girls to complete their education.

Through our partnership with IAHV, we visited Quarry Heights High School Where we delivered an educational talk to 115 girls and had an amazing time. The girls were super excited and sang the national anthem with such heart and grace. It is days like this when we are reminded of the impact that our work has on the girl’s lives and where we realize how important it is that we keep pushing to ensure that their future is secure. Imagine missing a whole term of school each year because of something you cannot control.

We appreciate partnerships like this where the educators and community-based organizations come together to work towards a brighter future for their learners, we feel privileged to be part of this amazing work. UPWARD and ONWARDS!

Comfort with Dignity for Girls in KZN

Comfort with Dignity for Girls in KZN










Project Dignity – Distributed 180 hygiene packs to kids of Cater Primary School in Alexandra, Gauteng.

Project Dignity – Distributed 180 hygiene packs to kids of Cater Primary School in Alexandra, Gauteng.

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Comfort with Dignity for Girls – Mandela Day

As part of IAHV’s Dignity For Girls Campaign we distributed  Subz Packs to 120 girls in Grade 6 and Grade 7 at Duffs Road Primary School, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 18th  July 2018 – for Mandela Day.

The 2-hour programme was very interactive and included the following:

  1. Principal – Address and Purpose of Programme
  2. Prayer and Introduction – IAHV & the Art of Living Foundation
  3. Art  of  Living  Team  –  Breathing  Exercises/Simple  Yoga,  Pamphlet  with  Simple  Steps  to  alleviate stomach cramps during menstruation.
  4. Sue Barnes & Team – Demonstration, Talk, includes information in pamphlet
  5. Distribution of Packs and Pamphlets
  6. Refreshments
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