IAHV had the opportunity to teach a Yes 4 Communities Program in partnership with The Salesians Institute in Green Point, Cape Town (10 – 13 April). Youth (ages 20 to 35) were participating in the institutes “Waves for Change” 5 week program which prepares for employment opportunities on the sea.

The practical knowledge which forms part of the Yes 4 Communities program coupled with the focused breathing techniques complimented the practical skills training very successfully.

Some participants experience sharing:

“Personally it was mind-blowing and a very good course. I have learnt how to relax my body and my mind by doing long and short breathing techniques. I also learnt how to be responsible for my actions and how to manage my stress.” – Jodean Sas

“I don’t like it, I love it! It’s refreshing, cool and makes me happy. For a long time I was a very unhappy person, but this course has helped me a lot inside and out. I learnt how to handle my stress and to be grateful for everything in my life.” – Jacobus Adams

“I enjoyed all the sessions and they were all good. Actually I feel like something has been taken off my shoulders. I am free and relieved.” – Luvo