Some ‘light in the dark’ from IAHV Peacebuilding Teams

Looking at the current state of the world today, it may look quite dark at times. It becomes all the more clear that *a more peaceful world requires us to work deeply with psychosocial factors,* such as overcoming transgenerational trauma, shifting from self-centredness towards contributing, and broadening our human identity beyond national or religious identities. IAHV Peacebuilding is committed to this long-time endeavour.

In the midst of the current crises, IAHV and the Art of Living Foundation continue to apply their global expertise in supporting mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of highly stressed populations. IAHV’s self-empowering methods, scalable approach, evidence-base and cost-effectiveness are a unique added value in contexts of mass displacement and disaster.

We hope this newsletter provides you with some hope and light and maybe with the inspiration to contribute. As our new Ukrainian trainers testified, being able to do something not only helps others, but can also keep ourselves out of depression and despair.

_”The darkness has held us very tight but has not extinguished the light that illuminates our heart.” (Survivor Morocco earthquake)_

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