Love Where You Live: Community Clean Up Initiative 6

‘Love Where You Live’ is our campaign aimed at raising community awareness towards the elimination of waste from Laudium’s streets. We are bringing members of the community together to clean up litter in public areas. As the project continues this will inspire the entire community to keep these areas clean. Our initiative strives to create a clean and hygienic public environment. This helps the community take pride in their space, contributes to a better state of mind and provides a stable base for building a strong community.

Our first clean up in 2018 took place at the Laudium CBD.  We cleaned an area that had become an illegal dumping ground between shops.  All manner of refuse was found. We continued around the shops to pick up further waste. Volunteers completed the morning by putting up signs which they had made to remind people of why we need to care for our Earth.

Many onlookers reminded us about the importance of what we hope to achieve. Visitors to Laudium, commended the volunteers on taking pride in where they live. The main focus of our initiative is the creation of the awareness of the benefits of living in a clean environment. We plan to achieve this through the support of our community. Most especially, our youth.

Worldwide, there is an urgent call for all people to be aware of waste and the effect on our environment. Do we know where our plastic straws go after we’ve finished our cold drinks? Or our cold drink cans? These are some of the things we are bringing awareness to and working towards finding solutions for. We look forward to further initiatives this year!

A special thanks to the City of Tshwane’s department of Waste Management for providing us with bin bags and waste removal services for 30-40 bags of garbage after the clean-up.

Join us to make a bigger difference at our next campaign – date and venue to be announced on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram: @LoveWhereYouLive.Laudium or send an e-mail to to be added to our database.


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