HRE Workshop at Stanza Bopape Community Health Centre

HRE Workshop held at Stanza Bopape Community Health Centre in Mamelodi East by Dr. Deana Padayatchi.

The workshop was introduced to the participants as a series of capacity building tools and techniques, in the context of a preventative mental health project, in the face of the COVID19 Pandemic.

The Workshop was conducted at the Health Centre, in the Staff Tea-Room. All participants wore face masks and physical distancing precautions were observed. The venue’s windows were kept open to ensure optimal ventilation. All participants were permanent employees of Gauteng Health Department (Essential Workers).

I believe the HRE Workshops provide valuable capacity building portals for Essential Workers, particularly in the Public Health Sector environment, as this is a sub-optimally resourced sector which serves the vast majority of the South African population.

The need for providing this resource to other Public Health Service workers represents a significant opportunity to fulfil the vision of IAHV in spirit and in action.

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