How you can get involved

Ferdinando’s in Lower Main Road is accepting donations of pasta and tinned tomatoes every week.

We cook on Wednesdays during the day and serve at St. Michael’s church just down the road at 6pm.

Volunteers who want to help with service while engaging with the people who live on the street can arrive at St Michael’s at 5.45pm.

Early arrivals to help with cooking come from 4pm onwards.

People who want to donate can drop off at Ferdinando’s Pizza any time besides Sunday and Monday or at Easi Print next door if we are out.

Donations needed  –  our Obs Pasta Kitchen Wish List

To help us grow the Obs Pasta Kitchen initiative  –  and to spread it beyond our own community  –  we are reliant on the kind assistance of donations, from both individuals and corporate sponsors. The following are all needs we have on our own Wish List:

  • A spaghetti sponsor
  • A tinned tomato supplier
  • Or R700 weekly cost of running the kitchen
  • Volunteers for the Pasta Kitchen
  • Wish List donations (we update this weekly and share the list on our Whatsapp group)
  • Cash donations (via our online donation facility)
  • Volunteers for Working Wednesdays
  • Lunch donation each Working Wednesday for 15–25 people