Feeding Scheme

Bike Run With A Purpose

IAHV sponsored the children of Barrydale Village for their annual Christmas Party. 250 children from our beautiful village of Barrydale were treated to a meal, cake, cool drink and chips. Net Vir Pret is a registered NPO situated in Smitsville, Barrydale and focus on the upliftment of children in the form of supervised homework each day, a meal for the children each day, art, pottery, dancing, yoga, singing and education into the Khoi culture and heritage.

Bikers with a Purpose have been supporting this project since its inception in 2021. The Net Vir Pret NPO survive on donations in order to feed and assist the children. It was a gift to put smiles on the face of 250 Children this morning and a huge “Thank You” to the donors for the party.

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Christmas party at Nirvana Havan Old Age Home

Nirvana Havan Old Age Home is located in Lenasia, Gauteng.  A Christmas party was held on Saturday 17 December 2022 for the Senior Citizens at the Home.  Dedicated volunteers prepared a delicious lunch for the Seniors and Xmas food hampers which compromised with basic food items and other critical supplies, were donated to the elders.  They were also entertained with some music

To the donors, project leaders, coordinators and volunteers, your generosity and efforts continue to inspire and reinforce the IAHV strategic goals and values.

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Sri Sri Feeding Scheme – December 2022

Volunteers had prepared hot meals, packed and distributed to the Jughroo Primary and Northview Primary Schools and at the Overcomers in Christ church in KZN.

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Utec Christmas Hampers

United Technical Equipment Co. (Pty) Ltd. (UTEC), Mr.Vernon Kistan the CEO of UTEC runs a Christmas Food Hamper Campaign every year.

1000 boxes of food hampers were packed and distributed to those in need.  UTEC distributes the food hampers to various Church groups, shelters and to many other destitute areas.

The Ikageng Itireleng People’s Centre in Orlando West, Soweto, was one of the beneficiary to receive the food hampers.

“A BIG Thank You for the 200 food parcels received as donation from you. The management of Ikageng wishes to express its deepest gratitude for the donation towards our nutrition support for HIV positive children, Youth headed households and other granny headed vulnerable families.

We always appreciate the support that your team is giving us, the difference you make in our community especially put smile on our beneficiaries face during this Christmas season where all families are enjoying and they had no one but you came and make their homes happy and warm homes.

We pride ourselves to be associated with a caring organisation based on fundamental principles of love and caring for others. On behalf of Ikageng Board members, Management, Staff and Beneficiaries at large we wish to thank you for the donation, which will ensure that the work we do continues to impact lives”.


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Sri Sri Feeding scheme

The Sri Sri Feeding scheme has prepared and distributed approximately 190 meals in this week.  Rice and potato curry was on the menu.  Over 150 prepacked meals were collected from Sanathan Suthsung Sabha in Clayfield, Phoenix KwaZulu-Natal and the rest was distributed via Anusha and Karan  Bhoora of Parkgate Pharmacy.


A letter of appreciation was received from the Northview Primary School in Phoenix, Durban and the School Governing Body.

“We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for the donation of 20 hampers for our indigent leaners.  Your charitable contribution to the school is much appreciated.  Without the support of the community and caring people like you, we would not be able to reach our goal.

Thank you once again for your generosity.  God richly bless your organisation.”

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Bike Run With A Purpose

It was an amazing weekend and an experience to remember. Bike Run With A Purpose are Rockstars when it comes to human value and uplifting community values.

Creating a one world Family through Diversity, this is South Africa.

Celebrating with a Purpose with the Children of Smitsville, and resident of Barrydale

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Sri Sri Feeding Scheme | Grocery hampers

Grocery hampers donated to the Jhugroo Primary School and Northmead Secondary School in KZN..  The principal assured the food parcels will be used by the pupils and their parents, especially in this time of great uncertainty.

School shoes also donated at the Jhugroo Primary School,

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KZN Flood relief update May 2022 (2)

  • We received the 1000 packets of Movite and 1200 x 5L water from Jhb. A huge thank you to Transcare for collecting and transportation.
  • A team of volunteers has started sorting out clothes.
  • We delivered hampers to the community of Wentworth. We were guided by an NGO called Women of Wentworth due to the ongoing violence in the area due to the socio/economic issues.
  • Hampers and food was delivered to parts of Welbeduct, Chatsworth and Pinetown by United Ways.
  • We delivered food, toys and kitchen utensils to a community hall in Kwandengezi which is in the valley of Dassenhoek. There are 180 people housed in this hall for the past month.
  • The community in Dassenhoek which is down a very steep valley and badly affected. We visited 1 of the 2 halls and the condition is very bad. 19 people are still missing since the first flooding. We will provide supplies to them and continue to monitor their progress.
  • In Savana Park we will drop off 100 hampers.
  • 100 destined for schools in Phoenix.
  • 70 hampers in buckets will be delivered to the community of Reit River in Ottowa.
  • 200 hampers in buckets will be delivered to Burnwood.
  • Beach clean-up is also taking place on Sunday from 7am at Blue Lagoon
  • Hampers delivered to severe flooded area in Riet River, Verulam KZN.

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KZN Flood relief update May 2022

We had a bumper weekend of hard work, great team work and lots of fun. Amazing Team work once again from volunteers joining from different organizations. A Big Heart filled Thank You to everyone that helped.

Volunteers attended on Saturday and Sunday respectively to pack 1000 hampers (500 into buckets and 500 into bags). It is difficult to articulate in words the vibe and energy that everyone experienced.  We even managed to celebrate Gurudev’s birthday in the process.

  • Distribution has now started and we want to do this as swiftly as possible.
  • For those communities that have water issues and those in rural areas, the hampers in Buckets would be most appropriate.
  • One of the volunteers facilitated the sponsorship of 1000 packets of Movite cereal and 1200 X 5L water which will be added to our distribution efforts.

With regards to distribution and Relief activities this weekend:

Saturday- 21 May 2022

  1. 70 hampers to be delivered at a place called Damat which is in Savana Park.
  2. Thereafter we are visiting a community in Pinetown who have been badly affected by the floods to assess their need.
  3. 70 hampers for Riet River which is in Ottowa. Volunteers who live around that area and are available to assist. There is also clothes to sort out into males/females/children and different sizes.

Sunday 22 May 2022

  1. Going to Inanda to drop off food in a hall that is housing about 400 people.
  2. A team of volunteers from Blackburn are fetching 200 buckets together with 7 packets for Tongaat.
  3. Blackburn is close to Conorbia/Gateway so for those that are up North and want to assist, please do join in. Again volunteers can assist with sorting out clothes.

Video link: https://fb.watch/c-ywKlevlL/

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Siyaphambili Day Care and Pre-school

Lerato Feeding Scheme project in Jackson Drift, Eikenhof which has now changed to Siyaphambili Day Care and Pre-school. This school has 130 children from the ages of 2-6 years and depends on donations and veggies they receive and cooks daily on the premises for the children.  Volunteers sponsored groceries, milk, fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, we also donated to the Boithuto Vulnerable Community in Eikenhof, formed in 2012 and is still running. This Centre assists vulnerable children and adults with care, providing social and moral support. Approximately 120 kids including 45 elderly are provided with breakfast and lunch.

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