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Siyaphambili Day Care and Pre-school (Eikenhof)

Started: 2013

Lerato Educational Centre is a non-government school for underprivileged children from the ages of 3 -10 years. The school was started by Sister Mary Hughes in 2001. There are a total of 22 teachers. The school depends on donations and veggies received and cooks daily on the premises for ± 550 children.

The centre is run and managed by a board of trustees and Sister Helen Hartnett deals with the day-to-day running of the centre.

  • Feeding of underprivileged children for the day.
  • Bring smiles and joy to everyone partaking on the day.
  • An opportunity for volunteers to take part in the seva (service), execute and also contribute towards the fund raising for the project.
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Ladles of Love

Our first Love Kitchen dates back to July 2014 and continue to take place every Tuesday outside Doppio Zero in St George’s Mall in Cape Town’s CBD. Soon thereafter, we began serving meals in Roeland Street and a third initiative was launched in November 2015, providing meals on Thursdays at the Haven Shelter in Sea Point. As the project grew, we needed a name for the new organisation—and Ladles of Love was born.

Since inception, Ladles of Love has served thousands of meals and continues to grow. We have served more than 160,000 meals to date.

In addition to serving the homeless community, we now provide food to another vulnerable group of society – schoolchildren. Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of kids going to school hungry every day? How can they learn on an empty stomach? Ladles of Love knows how to nurture bodies and souls, and so we decided to get involved. Our in-school feeding scheme is known as ‘The Munch Club’, and it’s dedicated to providing healthy, tasty meals to keep youngsters full and able to concentrate on their studies.

For more information visit: ladlesoflove.org.za or contact kate@ladlesoflove.org.za

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Youth Village in Soweto

In August 2005, IAHV SA and its partner organization The Art of Living established a partnership with Forte High School in Dobsonville Soweto in Johannesburg. The partnership started with a medical camp and has progressed rapidly.

There are an alarmingly large number of children at the school, who are from child-headed families or who are heading their families and siblings.

The Youth Village project’s focus is to assist and empower these youth in a sustainable way, by providing the tools and practical experience to manage their lives successfully, both at home and in school The Youth Village project, headed by Art of Living teacher, Aneshree Naidoo, does the above in the following ways:

• Organic Food Garden
• Food distribution
• Feeding Scheme
• Organic Food Garden

Life empowerment programmes such as: Youth camps and Yes Plus Courses

Our focus has been on nurturing our relationships with our NGO partners. We have had great support from these NGO’s in terms of bringing our youth empowerment and BWS programmes to the youth and community in Soweto. We have adopted the Bokamoso feeding scheme completely and Bokamoso in turn have been assisting other smaller NGO’s in the community as well as the indigent within the community.

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