SUPER 18 – support Jonty’s recovery

January 2019
To all the volunteers at The Obs Pasta Kitchen,

You have given me hope again. Hope for the future and stability in the present.

As you might know a short while ago I was a homeless substance abuser, whose life had imploded in so many ways. I found myself living on the streets of Obs for nearly 8 years. I was hopelessly addicted to heroin and used this drug for 20+ years. Whilst living in Obs I was introduced to the team at the Obs Pasta Kitchen, and for 2 years ate a warm plate of pasta every Wednesday.

At the Obs Pasta Kitchen I was treated with respect and loved in so many ways and by so many people. I chatted, made friends, shared stories and for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel judged, stigmatised or abused. I started to feel a gentle tug at the humanity buried so deep in my heart.

Thankfully I was selected to attend a primary treatment facility, where I still am today.

I am nearly 3 months clean and sober and I am embracing life for the first time in many years.Treatment doesn’t come cheap and I thank all of you who have contributed or donated in whatever way.

You have given me back dignity.

April 2019
My future looks bright, thanks to The Life Changer Programme of which I am a recipient.

Today, I have a home, direction and purpose. My journey began some time ago when as a helpless, homeless addict I started to attend Obs Pasta Kitchen.

Kimon, Dani and all the selfless volunteers opened their hearts and minds to helping others. The kindness, compassion and empathy that they reflected towards me would become the catalyst and driving force in me accepting that if I wanted life I had to change.

Change is difficult for most of us, we struggle, we kick and scream placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others. My story is not that important and I choose not to focus on the negative in my past. I choose to live in the present, which empowers me in so many ways.

Studying never felt like a viable option for me but with the help of Obs Pasta Kitchen, I look forward to the challenge of part time studies beginning July 2019.

Currently, I have started a sustainable urban garden project, which through hard work will become a viable small business undertaking.

Selfless service is something small that I endeavor to do in my life. To this end I dedicate time volunteering with a NPO called The Entwined Roots Trust working with the destitute, homeless and addicted communities in the greater Brooklyn area of Cape Town.

The critical work that Obs Pasta Kitchen do is vital when you consider the lack of social interventions available to communities in need. I implore you to search your heart and consider donating in whatever capacity you can.

Let’s work together and change our communities, and change a nation in
the process.

Yours in Pasta,

To pledge to join the SUPER 18 to support Jonty, please donate directly via the ‘Donate’ button – either R1500 once off OR R250 once a month for the next 6 months.

Thank you in advance for warming our hearts and helping to change our community.


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Youth Leadership Training Programme (YLTP)

Working at both personal and interpersonal levels, YLPT addresses different types of change, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal outcomes, transforming the attitudes and behaviours of youth and young adults from at-risk or high potential to high performing, responsible, confident and empowered citizens.

Its comprehensive set of tools and techniques build and enhance: stress management, trauma-relief and healing, resilience, self-knowledge and self-management, creativity and innovation, communication skills, value-base leadership, team work, decision making, dynamism and entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills and volunteering spirit.

For more visit: https://www.artofliving.org/in-en/our-empowerment-model

Some experiences from YLTP graduates:

“Before YLTP my body felt tired and I didn’t get proper rest at night. I had a lot of stress thinking about the future, seeing no happiness in the world, eating unhealthy food and drink. I didn’t have time for myself. Now I have peace of mind. I sleep like a baby. No more headaches. I know how to manage my stress. The breathing techniques helped to clear my mind and have energy to do important things.” S, Free State

“It was a privilege and a wonderful experience to see myself attending this program. I never saw myself doing yoga – I was clueless! But now I have a better understanding. I now understand my inner self and my mind better. It really boosted my self-esteem, confidence. I am focused and this showed me how to change my mindset. Now my mind is refreshed, calm, peaceful and focused on what is happening now. YLTP was a good experience.” A, Soweto

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