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Youth Leadership Training Programme (YLTP)


African youth are increasingly facing challenges such as:


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Tops and Tags

Every single bottle top counts. What seemed like an impossible task in the beginning turned out to be an almost effortless task. Thanks to the many hands that came forward with their bottle top donations.

The beauty of this project is:

  • Double whammy: recycle and clean environment while helping the needy.
  • Anyone can collect: kids, adults and the elderly.

The team collected 293KG of bottle tops, and 11KG bread tags, with our biggest contributors being Heavens Kitchen, Sagewood School and Bettenia School. Together with The Sweethearts Foundation we were able to donate 5 wheelchairs to Boikanyo Old Age Home in Hammanskraal.

Keep collecting so that we can make a difference to someone’s life, as well as help in some small way to save our environment through recycling. Imagine if all these bottle tops and tags were left on the streets or filled into landfill sites along with all the other plastic waste? What a waste! Rather collect them for a good cause.

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