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Youth Leadership Training Programme (YLTP)

Working at both personal and interpersonal levels, YLPT addresses different types of change, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal outcomes, transforming the attitudes and behaviours of youth and young adults from at-risk or high potential to high performing, responsible, confident and empowered citizens.

Its comprehensive set of tools and techniques build and enhance: stress management, trauma-relief and healing, resilience, self-knowledge and self-management, creativity and innovation, communication skills, value-base leadership, team work, decision making, dynamism and entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills and volunteering spirit.

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Some experiences from YLTP graduates:

“Before YLTP my body felt tired and I didn’t get proper rest at night. I had a lot of stress thinking about the future, seeing no happiness in the world, eating unhealthy food and drink. I didn’t have time for myself. Now I have peace of mind. I sleep like a baby. No more headaches. I know how to manage my stress. The breathing techniques helped to clear my mind and have energy to do important things.” S, Free State

“It was a privilege and a wonderful experience to see myself attending this program. I never saw myself doing yoga – I was clueless! But now I have a better understanding. I now understand my inner self and my mind better. It really boosted my self-esteem, confidence. I am focused and this showed me how to change my mindset. Now my mind is refreshed, calm, peaceful and focused on what is happening now. YLTP was a good experience.” A, Soweto

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Tops and Tags

Every single bottle top counts. What seemed like an impossible task in the beginning turned out to be an almost effortless task. Thanks to the many hands that came forward with their bottle top donations.

The beauty of this project is:

  • Double whammy: recycle and clean environment while helping the needy.
  • Anyone can collect: kids, adults and the elderly.

The team collected 293KG of bottle tops, and 11KG bread tags, with our biggest contributors being Heavens Kitchen, Sagewood School and Bettenia School. Together with The Sweethearts Foundation we were able to donate 5 wheelchairs to Boikanyo Old Age Home in Hammanskraal.

Keep collecting so that we can make a difference to someone’s life, as well as help in some small way to save our environment through recycling. Imagine if all these bottle tops and tags were left on the streets or filled into landfill sites along with all the other plastic waste? What a waste! Rather collect them for a good cause.

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