BWS at Barrington house

Barrington house in Observatory is a home towards dignity in Cape Town.

Offering guests who have come out of primary rehabilitation a home to settle back into reality and find their feet
into job and family life.
At the moment the house has a group of guests including a gentleman who we have been sponsoring on his journey
off the streets and out of addiction that were wanting a healthy way to manage their stress in this changing time of their life.
We secured the time and four guests from the house joined. Art of Living teacher, Dani joined us one day inspiring the group with some yoga and Martina joined created a lively group of inspired individuals.

It was a wonderful program and I was impressed with the groups commitment to take the 41 day challenge the manual suggests.

We will be doing a follow up every 10 days to encourage the group to keep up their breathing techniques and meditation.
We had wonderful feedback, Arlene one of the guests ‘enjoyed the Bastrika breath’ while Barlcay said ‘he had never felt at such peace’. Paula said ‘she could feel the healing in the meditation’. The satsangs were upbeat and fun and all had a smile on their face.

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