Breath Water Sound at 22 Barrington Street

It was lovely to teach a Breath Water Sound course over this auspicious time of Navratri and I was blessed to be assisted by Deanne for the sessions and Martina who came to help with the handing out the certificates on the last day which is always special – to have a new face making everyone feel very important!

22 Barrington street is a special place of recovery before that very next step back into “normal” life for many
dealing with addictions and trauma, the BWS course came at a special time as the house councillor
Suzanne mentioned to me at the Obs Pasta Kitchen (a community dinner that happens every Wednesday in Observatory)  that there were many new members to the house making it challenging. I offered the BWS course and she was thrilled asking to start asap!

A few visible changes that we noticed was definitely the focus of the group, especially in one participant who on the first session was unable to remain seated for more than 10min and by the last day never left the session once!
A big everlasting smile landed on the face of another participant on the last day (who was very distant throughout the course) every photo we have she is smiling brightly with such light in her eyes! As Deanne mentioned every single participant  was a very powerful person, from walking into a room of what seemed like broken spirits we left to a chorus of laughs and tremendous gratitude for the knowledge.

We have planned to follow up every ten days as the participants took the forty one day challenge to keep up
their breathing techniques and promises to themselves. The Breath Water Sound course is an amazing opportunity
for everyone to change their lives in a positive healthy way!

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